Marketing fatigue isn’t new. A campaign launch is exciting, generates interest and is a fantastic tool for motivating your team around the latest product push. The issues arise a few days and weeks down the track. The content ideas dry up, the motivation subsides and suddenly those day-to-day marketing tasks just aren’t getting done. Here are out top tips for making your marketing more manageable.

1. Change your mindset

It’s easy to get caught in campaign mode by seeing marketing as the thing we do in order to boost sales. But real long-term value derives from viewing marketing as integral to your sales process rather than as an add-on. In effect, make marketing a verb, not a noun.  Don’t say we will do some ‘marketing’. Say we are ‘marketing’.

2. Do the little things every day

Sending your latest message out to be liked and celebrated is the fun and easy bit of marketing. But the key to being able to replicate quality, impactful and effective marketing is ensuring you have the raw materials always at the ready. Do you have a social calendar in place; are you collecting new usable images regularly; are your key messages, priority products/services agreed and are they up to date on your website; and perhaps, most importantly, are you monitoring your brand tone and how it is being received by your audience? Doing a little bit of your backend marketing every day, makes a huge difference in the long run.

3. Trust takes time

Don’t expect a major win every time you send out a social media post, upload a blog or launch an ad. Building your brand value takes time. The buzz word for your marketing strategy should be ‘consistency’. You never know when the client will be ready to buy so that’s why you need to be constantly ready and visible. This approach is particularly important when it comes to the services sector where new purchase decisions might be months or even years apart.

4. Don’t leave it to ‘people’

Physical tasks such as taking images, writing posts, and uploading copy, won’t happen by themselves and they certainly won’t happen if you leave them to ‘people’ – that abstract group of non-humans who gets assigned the jobs that never get done. All marketing comes with a cost and the labour component needs to be assigned, scheduled, and managed.

5. You can’t do it all

Perhaps the most important manageable marketing lesson is realising you can’t do it all. And if your team can’t do it, there are plenty of agencies and freelancers with the capability and expertise to do it for you. Another reason to go outside for help with your marketing is that many businesses find it very hard to write about themselves and just as hard to regularly come up with new content. External suppliers are used to coming up with fresh story and content ideas and they also bring that all important outsider’s perspective to how your business is perceived.

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